Our Services

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, many restaurant and hotel owners are having difficulty fully automating their services due to an increase in demand for contact-less services. We offer a variety of services to restaurant and hotel owners to help them automate their operations at no cost and without the need to install any physical products on their premises.


Our Main Services

To minimise physical interaction and maximise user experiences, we provide digital menu services to our restaurant partners. Users can scan the QR code on the restaurant table and see the whole menu on their phone, allowing them to choose and order meals of their choice.

We provide a stack of softwares and applications that let restaurant partners confirm and reject orders on the go, as part of our goal to automate the basic industry. They may also keep track of past orders and upcoming bookings in one location with us.

To reduce unnecessary crowd in the restaurant and to provide consumers with a service that can assist them to avoid long waits for tables on busy weekends. Reservations can be made in advance for a table at the restaurant, allowing them to enjoy and make their day unique.

Our advanced POS services, let our merchants keep a track of when their user-pay, orders, upcoming bookings, and inventory management as well. It can be at the counter, at the table, or even online.